"Bigmouth Strikes Again" - Treepeople

After bitching about someone bitching about task management apps1, I feel like the palate needs to be cleansed. Thusly, enjoy this Treepeople (Doug Martsch’s pre-Built to Spill band) Smiths cover, which I think stands proudly alongside Dino Jr.’s “Just Like Heaven” as a great 80s/90s American indie cover of mopey English 80s rock (the soloing melts your face less of course, but the singing sounds like someone even sort of cared, which puts the vocals a notch above good ol’ J. Mascis).

  1. Seriously, like what you like, recommend what you recommend, that’s great. But actually being a dick about which idiosyncratic application damaged nerds use to patch together their highly specific workflows is a bit overboard, isn’t it? 

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