I need to work on the track sequencing, but I’m feeling conceptually strong about this playlist.

I need to work on the track sequencing, but I’m feeling conceptually strong about this playlist.

McNamara and his collaborators can dig up the skeletons of long-dead rebels and clatter their dry jawbones against their skulls. They can make them plea for clemency in words that would have horrified them while they were alive. But it’s not the dead men’s voices we hear, and everyone can see whose lips are moving.

Field Of Lost Shoes / The Dissolve

On one hand, there’s a cultural criticism part of me that’s a bit annoyed that this ostensible film review was solely about horrible historical inaccuracy and contained only one sentence about the actual cinematic merits of the movie.

On the other hand, given how much I hate the fucking Lost Cause confederate bullshit parade, I really loved the historical accuracy and sheer brio with which this movie was destroyed

All this leads to a heady condition where startups are burning like mad to generate as much heat as they can, because when you do burn the candle at both ends, to quote Christopher Hitchens, it gives a lovely light. — Fuckin’ startup geeks don’t know an Edna St. Vincent Millay paraphrase when they see it in a damn Hitchens image macro.


1996 - 2006: Usually bought 4 CDs in a binge, listened to 3 of them, always then kinda ignored the last one. Never learned the object lesson of this.

2003 - 2008: Pirated everything, dumped friends’ entire collections into my collection just because I could and it was fun. Listened to maybe 40% of it tops.

2005: Bought entire OMC album for $5 from The Record Exchange because I like “How Bizarre”.

2007 - 2011: Hosted vaguely themed parties, including but not limited to “I’m Sick of 80s Night so Here’s A Bunch of Cheesemo Early 90s Dance Music”, “Goth-Mitzvah”, and “Country BBQ”. All music from these playlists is retained.

2014: I am supposed to be super offended right now because the elegant, deeply personal curation of my music collection has been disrupted by a U2 album.

I might need to purchase this comic book, which is apparently called Teen Dog and is what it sounds like.

I might need to purchase this comic book, which is apparently called Teen Dog and is what it sounds like.

As I try to post every day people really get fired up about the Live Blogs, here are some Blithe Logs for you to enjoy.


"A Palomino?!? They’re beautiful!

Listening to The Incomparable stream the recording of their SNL draft makes me nostalgic.

I can’t begin to do the math on what my favorite sketch is, but I am historically partial to the completely bananas bits that somehow made it in.

This one still just kills me, and still gets quoted in our household at least a couple times a month.


Always reblog Vondrukes.

New Jens Lekman Mixtape!

3 new songs, a bunch of other tunes that are not his but fit in.


September 2, 2014

While travelling through midwest America some time ago I stopped at a gasstation and bought a WWJD bracelet for $1.99 and insisted that it stood for ‘What Would Jens Do?’. I would look at it when I felt indecisive, think about what Jens really would do and then do the opposite of that. I thought that would be a good way to find some new paths in life, and to get away from the paths I kept taking that didn’t lead me anywhere good.

WWJD is a song about regrets, learning from your mistakes, and bettering yourself. I wrote it last year, recorded it quickly and felt it didn’t fit in with most of the other songs I was writing. Together with ‘What’s That Perfume That You Wear?’ and ‘I Remember’ they weren’t adhering to the rules I had set up for my next album but they were also too good to forget. So I weaved them in exclusively on this mixtape where they are stations on a longer journey, where loops and smaller fragments, ideas for songs and favourite songs by others swoosh by outside the window. Feel free to open that window and feel the breeze in your hair.

Yours truly
Jens Lekman

0:00 - Jens Lekman - WWJD
3:05 - Bunny Maloney - Baby I’ve Been Missing You
6:18 - David Byrne - Theodora Is Dozing
7:59 - The 11:08 Train Swooshes By
09:52 - Jhene Aiko - Stranger
11:34 - Jennifer Lara - Our Love
13:10 - Georges Delerue - Theme from Camille
15:25 - Jens Lekman - What’s That Perfume That You Wear?
18:47 - Ralph MacDonald - The Path
20:33 - All Your Sorrows Reversed
26:25 - Jens Lekman - I Remember

Contains smaller fragments from: The Philly Devotions - Yeah Yeah Girl. The Duprees - Why Don’t You Believe Me? Soul 2 Soul - Back To Life (acapella). Beethoven - Stringquartet no 5 in A Major. Dalida - Salma Ya Salama. Fairouz - Zourouni. Angel Haze - Same Love. Syl Johnsson - I Hate I Walked Away. Hermeto Pascoal - Musica da Lagoa. Crue-L Grand Orchestra - (You Are) More Than Paradise (Freaks Switching Channels 12inch Mix). Paul Johnson - Where Can You Be. Jim Nabors - With These Hands. Israel Vibration - The Same Song.

Lilian Paunovic Olsson sings harmonies on ‘WWJD’.

Thanks to Sara, Luís and Malin for the inspiration.